A Los Angeles based brand

known for its laidback, boyfriend-style fits, Callahan creates all-season knitwear for cool girls everywhere. From oversized pullovers to simple-yet-head-turning dresses, their unique use of texture and material evidences an approach to fashion as timeless - and Californian - as the silhouettes they create.

Founded by Michelle Callahan

in 2014, Callahan was created with the goal to create high quality, unique knitwear with an effortless approach to style. 

Michelle's first foray into design included a hot-glue gun and a halter top. She was 13 at the time, making a piece of clothing for her sister, when frustration with her mom’s sewing machine led her to, er, problem-solve. 

In college, Michelle familiarized herself with a needle and thread, taking her obsession to the next level. Armed with a degree​ in apparel design and textiles from California State University, Long Beach, she ​landed a job at Trina Turk, working her way up to buyer. 

With three-years-worth of experience across swimwear, accessories, and menswear under her belt, Michelle decided it was time to go at it alone. “I always wanted my own apparel line,” she says. “Ever since I was a teenager…as long as I can remember.” In 2013 she officially launched Callahan, a super-sophisticated, L.A.-based knitwear label—we’re talking delicate, crocheted maxi dresses and couldn’t-be-cozier boyfriend sweaters.